Belleville Sizing Advice

All advice below is based on KNOWING what size your foot measures on a Brannock device - NOT what sizes you wear in another boot or shoe. We STRONGLY urge customers to get their foot measured and then follow the below advise. Even with that, each person's foot is different, below is RECOMMENDATION only we cannot promise it holds true for everyone but we do find it works for MOST

Hot Weather boots

Run large (i.e. loose) so we tell people to order down a half size (if you measure a size 10 on the Brannock device we suggest you order a size 9.5)


THE MINIMILIST (TR102, TR105) hot weather boots

This hot weather boot is an exception to the above rule. Because of the toe box to allow for the wider spread of toes that is called for in minimalist foot wear this boot style even though it is hot weather tends to run SMALL/SHORT. So we tell people to order at least a half size up. (If you measure a size 10 on the Brannock device then we would tell you to order at least a 10.5 and some people have even found it necessary to go up a full size and order an 11)


Wet Weather boots (waterproof but no insulation)

Run 'true to size' this means order the size you measure on the Brannock device (If you measure a size 10 on the Brannock device order a sizes 10)


Insulated boot (waterproof and insulation for cold weather)

Tend to run small (i.e. snug) so we suggest you order up a have size (if you measure a size 10 on the Brannock device we suggest you order a 10.5)



All the above is based on a men's sized boot, so now we need to take into account how a female orders. When a female orders a male boot first need to have their foot measured on a FEMALE Brannock device; they then should take that size and go DOWN TWO FULL SIZES to determine their male size. Once they know their 'men's size' they should apply the above rules. I will use myself as an example.... I measure a size 085R on a Female Brannock Device. So my 'men's size is a 065R. When I ordered a pair of MiniMil's for myself I followed the advice as stated above for that boot ordered up a half size getting the size 070R, but I still found it snug so I went up a full size to a 075R and my MiniMil boots fit perfect