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Garmont T8 Falcon Tactical Boot Coyote Regular 2703


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The Garmont T8 Falcon Tactical Boot Regular 2703 is a Military Boot that breaks the mold. This innovative boot offers a sporty design while still providing the stability and performance you need for your active lifestyle. The T8 Falcon is made with sturdy materials like leather and nylon but also features more flexible materials like EVA to provide unparalleled support and lightness. In addition, the soft GTF® MAGNET sole offers a responsive feel, letting you quickly speed across the terrain. At the same time, the inner shank provides support during hikes. With its AR 670-1 compliance for Multicam and OCP, the T8 Falcon is perfect for any military or law enforcement maverick. Highly breathable and lightweight, this military boot lets you move easily and quickly in any situation.


  • Height 8''
  • 1.8 mm suede leather and polyester upper
  • Leather malleolus inserts
  • Closed hooks
  • AR 670-1 compliance for Multicam and OCP

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