Rocky Original Ride Lacer Waterproof Western Boots 2723

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Rocky Original Ride Lacer Waterproof Western Boots 2723


This Rocky Original Ride Lacer Waterproof Western Boots 2723 is stylish in a rugged, masculine way, but you'll receive comfort and water resistance from these durable boots.

The upper of this Original Ride Lacer boot has been crafted from full-grain leather. The nylon laces are in place to adjust the fit to your liking. Once you slip your foot down into the inside, you will get a sense of how soft the leather lining feels.

You don't want to be walking around and hear "splish, splash" coming from the interior of your boots. Nor do you want to clean out what feels like buckets of water. To stop those unnecessary, time-wasting activities, you must lace up these Rocky Original Ride Lacers. These boots have been built with Rocky Waterproof construction, guaranteeing that they'll keep your feet dry.

Durability and cushioning can work together harmoniously, and this Lacer boot is the perfect example. Boots need strength to uphold their construction, and you'll want to cushion so you can walk without experiencing discomfort. As a result of the welt construction, this boot is exceptionally durable. Due to the 8-layer Rocky Ride Comfort System, your feet will be comforted.

A hardy pair of Western Lacer boots is always a good choice. Get your pair today!



Rocky® Waterproof construction ensures the highest level of waterproof protection while maintaining breathability.


This product is built with quality waterproofing materials to keep you dry in wet environments.

Other Features:

  • Durable welt construction
  • Removable brush guard kiltie
  • Guaranteed Rocky® Waterproof construction
  • 8-Layer Rocky® Ride Comfort System
  • 9 inches in height

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