Rocky Aztec Waterproof Wellington Men’s Work Boot 5639

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This Rocky Aztec Waterproof Wellington Men’s Work Boot 5639 brings together all the footwear features required for a job well done. With safety, comfort, and convenience in mind, Rocky® designed a work boot for the man who wants to do more than complete his workday; he wants to enjoy it.

This men's work boot provides its wearer exceptional safety with an integrated TPU torsion stabilizer to steady every step and a steel shank to reduce painful impact on active feet. Add confidence to your stride with these comfort-enhancing, risk-reducing components.

The Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof construction delivers unmatched dryness no matter how moist your work setting may be. If you're enduring wet conditions, you should have a waterproof work boot. The fortified structure of this popular feature will ensure that wet feet are a day-ruining disaster of the past.

Enjoy advanced comfort and strength provided by the Rocky Aztec 3-piece Goodyear® welt outsole for durability and support. Your feet will enjoy well-deserved relief for years of your career. A padded collar and tongue contribute bonus coziness.

With 11 inches of dark brown, full-grain leather, you can adequately protect your feet without sacrificing professional appearance. Pull tabs on either side of this thoughtfully constructed men's shoe make for easy on and off, saving you valuable time at the beginning and end of your day.

If you're searching for a work boot to withstand your everyday accomplishments, and reward you for them with comfort, the Rocky Aztec Wellington Work Boot is sure to do the job!

FEATURES: Rocky Aztec Waterproof Wellington Men’s Work Boot


Rocky® Waterproof construction ensures the highest level of waterproof protection while maintaining breathability.


This product is built with quality waterproofing materials to keep you dry in wet environments.

Other Features:
  • Guaranteed Rocky® Waterproof construction
  • Full-grain leather
  • Steel shank
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Integrated TPU torsion stabilizer
  • Rocky Aztec 3-piece Goodyear welt outsole for durability and support
  • 11 Inches in height

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