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This Georgia Boot Waterproof Wellington Work Boot GB00085 is a great work boot for the farm or ranch, the Georgia Boot® Suspension System Waterproof Wellington Work Boot is comfortable and keeps your feet dry.

This pull-on boot has the Georgia Waterproof system, so it's a guaranteed waterproof boot. Water, mud, and muck stay on the outside when you wear this boot.

Made of full-grain leather, the men's boot also looks good. It has just a hint of a western shape, helping it fit right on a ranch or farm.

And whether you work in agriculture or an entirely different industry, comfort is important. This definitely is a comfortable boot due to the CC5 Comfort Core® insole. This polyurethane insole was created for stability and comfort. It has an ergonomic arch for hours on your feet, and perforations on the underside make sure that air flows to your feet.

Other interior features include a steel shank for even more arch support and a mesh lining.

This footwear has a polyurethane Suspension Outsole that's oil-resistant and slip-resistant. The outsole has suspended center lugs that help reduce the impact of work site conditions and dissipate energy into the midsole. This flexible outsole has Pivot Pods that resist abrasions for a longer-lasting outsole.

The 11-inch construction boot has pull straps at the top so it goes on easy.

If you need a waterproof work boot, why not make it a comfortable work boot, too? You deserve it, and you get both with this Suspension System boot by Georgia Boot.




This product is built with quality waterproofing materials to keep you dry in wet environments.

Georgia® Waterproof

Don't sweat it. Air gets in, even though water can't. Water can try to flow past this obstacle, but there's a 100% guarantee it won't. The Georgia Waterproof system comes equipped with a heavily fortified defense against water because dry feet are happy feet.

Other Features:

  • Oil Resistant Polyurethane "Suspension" Outsole
  • Georgia waterproof system
  • Steel shank
  • Mesh lining
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • CC5 Comfort Core removable PU insole
  • 11 inches in height

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