Durango City Women's Charlotte Zipper Boot RD4530

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Durango City Women's Charlotte Zipper Boot RD4530

The Durango City Women's Charlotte Zipper Boot RD4530 is a rare feat to find a pair of boots that have simple styling but still look chic. These Durango City women's boots match that description to a tee. These tall black boots have been crafted with full-grain leather; its quality is superb and this allows it to look so splendid. While the material naturally has great strength and durability, you'll love how soft these boots feel.

By not having this boot covered from top to bottom in embellishments, it allows you to wear the footwear with absolutely everything. They can be worn with dressier attire, you can tuck jeans down into them and have a great causal look and since they look great with daytime and evening wear, you can wear them to work and then out on the town with your friends. Whatever items you have in your closet, you can pair them with these stylish Durango City boots.

The idea of wearing a tall boot is always appealing, but you may be question whether or not the footwear is difficult to get on and off. To put your mind at ease, getting your feet into these 12 " boots could not be easier; they have an inside zipper that allows you to get your feet securely inside and then you can zip them right up. Also, the boots have a soft interior lining, so your legs will remain comfortable as you are walking in this footwear.

The dark-hued outsole is made of rubber; it has great durability and it provides a nice grip as you are walking. These Durango boots also have a 2 " chunk heel; you'll benefit from the added height because it will make your legs look elongated, but since this heel is thicker you will be able to walk steadily.

Make sure you get your own pair of these Durango City Women's Zipper Boots, they are truly a fantastic find!



    Inside Zipper

    Rounded-square toe

    Two inch chunk heels

    12 inches in height

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