Belleville Coyote Hot Weather Combat Boot C390

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The Belleville Hot Weather Combat Boot AR 670-1 Compliant C390 is Belleville’s most highly recognized boot. The NEW Iconic Coyote C390 revolutionized military footwear when it was first introduced. By using the VANGUARD® premium cushioning sole system a new style of combat boot was introduced. In addition, this classic boot was able to be constructed with more of an athletic feel through the utilization of advancements in premium comfort technology. As a result, the C390 is a top seller, and has proven that good things are really built to last. 

 FEATURES: Belleville Hot Weather Combat Boot AR 670-1 Compliant C390
  • HEIGHT: 8” (Standard Military Height)
  • UPPER: 100% cattlehide leather & nylon fabric
  • MIDSOLE: Highly cushioned, shock absorbent midsole
  • OUTSOLE: 100% rubber VIBRAM® Sierra
  • INSOLE: Single density molded removable insert
  • VANGUARD® running shoe sole construction: A highly advanced soling method that permanently fuses the leather upper of the boot to the entire outsole system to produce a boot that is lightweight, flexible and extremely durable. During this process, the polyurethane midsole material is poured into a mold and adheres to the upper, forming a permanent bond during the cooling process.   A premium VIBRAM® rubber outsole is then attached to the midsole to complete the process.   Boots made using the direct-attach construction can be re-soled.
  • AR 670-1 Compliant
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